Songs of Winter

Another collection of a cappella recordings by Stephen Saxon

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Stephen Saxon

This is an eclectic collection of a cappella (no instruments) recordings
for winter featuring arrangements and vocal recordings by Stephen Saxon.
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All arrangements and performances (c)(p)2001-2009 Stephen Saxon

There are three ways to enjoy these songs:
1) Click on the "play" icon to play it on this page;
2) Click a song title to play it in a new window on your computer;
3) On a Windows PC, right-click a song title and select "Save target as..." to download the MP3 file to add to your personal media collection.

Songs of Winter

Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming This arrangement combines the canon arrangement of Melchior Vulpius (1560 - 1615) with the Michael Praetorius four-part arrangement from 1609 with which were all much more familiar. Of course, Ive also made a few changes of my own. The melody dates from 1599 in Koln, Germany (Cologne). [2.5 MB]
Coventry Carol This is one of the most beautiful carols for winter. It sheds a poignant light on the schene when Herod's soldiers were sent to slay all young children in response to a mystic's prediction, echoing the acts of Pharoah at the time of Moses' birth. [1.7 MB]

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