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Frosene On The Scene:
Trumpeting For A's Baseball

by Frosene Phillips
2003 ANG Newspapers, The Oakland Tribune

Oakland Tribune, Friday, April 25, 2003

THE TRUMPET GUY GRADUATES. This Sunday, April 27, will go down in the history books for one very excited horn player. Anyone that has followed this column for any length of time may remember the introduction of "The Trumpet Guy" to On The Scene readers thanks to radio broadcaster/personality Ken Korach of the Oakland A's.

It was two A's baseball seasons ago that Korach perfectly named the guy playing the trumpet who was roaming throughout The Net playing creative and appropriate tunes responding to the game. Since then, Korach and his partner, the veteran broadcaster Bill King, have referred to the clever musician from time to time while calling the games.

Stephen Saxon is an accomplished musician and friend of the Oakland Athletics. He pops up at games throughout the season with trumpet in tow. He even made a special case for his trumpet last year to accommodate the new restricted sizes of bags allowed into The Net.

This Sunday, Saxon graduates to the playing field where he will perform the National Anthem for the Oakland A's vs. Cleveland Indians game. Game time is 1:05 p.m. so plan accordingly if you'd like to see The Trumpet Guy in person.

"I'm pretty excited about it," Saxon told me. He's making his official professional baseball game debut. "I played once for a game between my own Redwood High School Giants and the Taiwan National Youth Team back about 25 years ago," he said. King and Korach should be thrilled as they launched and supported this complement to the drummers in the bleachers. Now, if The Trumpet Guy receives his very own Bill King Bobblehead Doll from the man himself, Saxon should be a happy trumpeter. He made an attempt to create his own King Bobblehead version before the originals arrived this season.

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