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Ok, this is kind of a silly thing to have up here, but imagine yourself somewhere out in the world when inspiration strikes and you've got NO staff paper on which to write down your musical idea. It's happened to me many times, and I've created countless scraps of paper with hand drawn lines upon which I've documented my musical ideas.

Well, through the various technologies available, I have created a solution just for those situations (assuming that you have a net connection and a pretty good printer handy). Click on the "trim" version of the 10 staff page and you'll bring up a graphic file that prints very well out of NetScape with an HP LaserJet 5si printer. It looks funky on the screen, but it compensates for the default margins added by that browser/printer combination.

Click on the "full" version and you'll see a closer representation of what the printed page actually looks like. And, if you have a different resolution or more control over your page printing parameters, this one might actually be a better target for you. Yeah, well, I'll trust you to figure it out.

If you have access to MS Word '97, you can get better results from the other pages. They are what I normally use for day-to-day manuscript. I use Finale to do my final copies, but not for first pass transcriptions, arranging and composition.

Quite a few people have used this as a resource and sent me notes of thanks. One was a tympanist who had to copy a part from a score the night before a concert, as I recall. The other was creating a book of blank pages for her musical boyfriend. I like hearing from people who find this usefull. Follow the link below and send me a note if you use this. Cheers!


There are also others on the net who offer staff paper. Unfortunately, most of the sites I've found (and listed) are now broken links. I supply some comments for reference, but it seems like each one of these sites is interested in providing a service to the community, so I support their efforts!:

PlayTheBass.Com - A great site for Bass-related resources. Very cool.

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